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Angry Birds Star Wars

Angry Birds fans always want more Angry Birds! Now with Angry Birds Star Wars you can enjoy your favorite game with brand new scenarios and Star Wars characters.

Rovio’s birds dress up as Star Wars characters.

New powers in Angry Birds Star Wars II

The gameplay for Angry Birds Star Wars is the same as in previous instalments: demolish structures and destroy the pigs by catapulting birds through the air.

Use the Force to defeat the Federation or choose to become part of the dark side.

One of the most innovating aspects in Angry Birds Star Wars II is that you can team up with the “piggy” side of the Force and play with Darth Maul, Darth Vader or General Grievous.

Enjoy this special adaptation that recreates the adventures of the bird rebels, angrier than ever, and their confrontation with the imperial pigs. Download Angry Birds Star Wars II and let the force, I mean the birds, be with you.

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