Asphalt Street Storm Racing

The French studio Gameloft, as well as filling its pockets with the development of the N.O.V.A., Modern Combat or Gangstar sagas, has also reached plenty of success thanks to its Asphalt racing games. After the popularity of Asphalt 8, the company is back with Asphalt Street Storm Racing for Windows (also available in versions for Android and iOS).

Just like other video games of this style developed by other giants such as EA’s Need for Speed, the game doesn’t require an impressive plot to delight its usual audience: the important thing is to race around non-stop. The main character, as always, intends to enter the world of illegal urban races and, for such purpose, he’ll have to start off from scratch until he reaches the top of the racing world, improving his car in the garage and purchasing better and better vehicles.

Fast races online around town

This new Asphalt is an online multiplayer game with which you can play against other players in very short races in which up to four cars will participate. The races take place over a distance of a quarter of a mile (about 460 meters) therefore, you’ll have to be extremely accurate when it comes to changing gears to gain every tenth of a second possible to be faster than the rest of drivers and win the race.

Before each race, the drivers have to place their bets. The winner will take all the money, the parts and even the vehicles bet by the other users. So, by winning races, you’ll be able to improve your car and even change it for a better one to be able to take part in superior races.

Take on the best illegal race drivers in town.

Main features

These short and intense races don’t need much more to glue the users to the screen. However, the game also comes along with all these interesting features:

  • Online races with up to four participants.
  • The player must bet in each race to be able to improve his car with his earnings.
  • All cars are fully licensed and all models are real: Ford, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari…
  • You can customize all the cars according to your personal tastes.
  • 3D settings inspired by cities of the likes of Paris, Hong Kong, and New York.
  • Changing weather conditions: the driver must adapt to the sunshine, rain or storms.
  • Great graphics with bright and pleasant colors and a great definition.

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