Beach Buggy Racing

Beaches aren’t just there to take a walk, a swim or do some sunbathing. You can also use them to ride your buggy around at full speed and even to take part in races. Beach Buggy Racing offers you precisely that: a crazy and chaotic race.

Power-ups to improve your vehicle

You’ll be able to race against a wide range of rivals and make use of power-ups that increase your skills and your car’s mechanics to become the best rider on the dunes. Unlock them and enhance your vehicle, turning your buggy into a real monster truck.

Race around the beach at full throttle.


  • 15 different tracks.
  • Stunning 3D graphics.
  • 6 different game modes.
  • Dozens of rivals.
  • Customizable cars.
  • Incredible superpowers.
  • Possibility to create a team of pilots.
  • Multiplayer screen.

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  1. It is wonderful

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