Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

Ever since the first installment of Call of Duty was launched, this franchise has climbed to the top of the ranks of action video games. Game after game it has improved its features and captivated the player on different platforms: PC, PS4, Xbox and even Android smartphones and iPhones.

A C.O.D. with three different game modes

Things started off in the Second World War to then give way to counterterrorism. Now it’s time to fight against a zombie invasion. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare brings back this scenario as well as another two modes: campaign and multiplayer.

  • Campaign: the player will take on the role of Captain Reyes, the pilot that leads a military coalition to fight against a fanatic enemy. It takes place in outer space.
  • Multiplayer: it combines different maps with different tactical combat equipment. The player can join different teams to unlock camouflage, emblems and exclusive weapons.
  • Zombies: travel in time to the 80s’ to a theme park. All the game’s elements are combined with a really kitsch decoration.

A new installment of this saga that always guarantees entertainment.

The trailer and beta version of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare already showed us what we could expect from this game and the truth is that it hasn’t been a disappointment: plenty of action and great graphics for a game that you can’t miss out on if you enjoyed playing Black Ops or Modern Warfare.

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