Empire Total War

One of the most important series of the strategy genre is, without a doubt, Total War, and with Empire Total War it reached a milestone with regard to playability, new features and especially, entertainment. Empire Total War is a game that is halfway between a real-time strategy game and a turn-based strategy game. Because like in earlier titles of the series, the battles are fought in real-time, but the tactic system is turn-based.

Warfare game set in the 18th century

The player has to choose between the factions available, based on the armies of the 18th century, and fight by using military force, politics, diplomacy, espionage or economy to defeat your enemies and become the ruler of the known world. Among the factions available we have up to 50 possibilities, including British, Spanish, French, Austrian, Prussian, Polish, Ottoman Empire, Russian and Swedish, although not all of them will be available from the beginning.

With great graphics and a refined control system, the only thing that the game seems to lack is slightly better artificial intelligence, which would be the perfect complement for this game.

In Empire Total War, you’ll be able to control from foot soldiers to naval battles, and once you start to play, diplomacy, assassinations, espionage and war will be an everyday thing. So if you like real-time strategy games that are very complete and absorbing, with Empire Total War you’ll have a great time.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You need to have installed Steam beforehand to download Empire Total War.
  • The demo only allows you to fight in two battles: “Battle of Brandywine Creek” and “Battle of Lagos”.

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