Friday the 13th

One of the most legendary films of the horror genre is back in video game format for PC. We’re talking about the movie from the 80s’, Friday the 13th, that has led to a long-lasting series starring the cruel and ruthless killer Jason Voorhees and his classic mask that, ever since, has inspired more than one Halloween costume.

Return to the scenario of one of the largest movie killings.

Friday the 13th is a third-personal survival horror game that intends to pay tribute to the movie directed by Sean S. Cunningham, taking us back to the main setting of the first movie, Camp Crystal Lake, where we’ll have the chance to play the role of Jason himself or any of the characters that have to escape from the serial killer.

Play as Jason or one of his potential victims

In the case of taking on the role of Jason, who will have all the skills of a well-prepared killer, our mission will be to track, hunt and kill our prey in the most savage manner as possible, paying homage to some of the killing methods seen in the movie or inventing our procedures as we go.

The first video game in which you can play Jason.

On the contrary, if we decide to take the opposite side, we’ll have to do whatever it takes to survive the slaughter: hiding stealthily, fleeing as fast as we can or facing up against the killer and wiping him out before the does exactly that to us.

Precisely this last game mode shows us the full potential of collaborative multiplayer mode, as we can choose with whom to build alliances and how to cope with this dramatic situation we’re living. We can choose between building a team to defeat Jason, hiding in the woods waiting for the police to arrive or associating with a friend to find out how to escape together.

Release date for Friday the 13th: The Game

The video game based on the movie is not on sale yet, but it’s expected to be available on Steam during the first months of 2017. After a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, its developers have managed to raise the funds necessary to publish the game that can now be pre-ordered on its official website.

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