LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

If the LEGO version of Star Wars was such as success, why not try the same formula with Marvel’s superheroes? If you were waiting for this moment, you can start celebrating, because LEGO Marvel Super Heroes has turned your comic idols into characters of the renowned construction game.

Marvel becomes LEGO bricks

In LEGO Marvel Super Heroes you will be able to play with characters such as Spiderman, Iron Man or Hulk to defeat the villains led by Loki that intend to build a weapon to destroy the world. With the help of the character of your choice and his superpowers, you’ll have to put an end to his plan while you travel around emblematic locations of Marvel’s comics, such as the Stark Tower, the X-Mansion or Asteroid M.

Superheroes also have their LEGO world.

What can be found in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes?

  • Over one hundred Marvel characters with their corresponding superpowers.
  • Environment and characters made of LEGO blocks.
  • Characters with specific superpowers.
  • Forty five missions to be completed.
  • Complete challenges and earn rewards.

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