Metal Slug 3

All fashions come and go. And we’re not only talking about clothes and styles but also video games. Game development studios are very keen on creating remakes and HD versions of past glories but funnily enough, we’re always more interested in the same stuff as always. If you were one of those kids who used to spend their teenage years in front of an arcade machine, you’ll be very excited to know that you can now play a classic Neo-Geo arcade on your PC: Metal Slug 3. Exactly the same game that was released 17 years ago. Fancy the idea? Just download it from Steam.

The official arcade version of METAL SLUG 3 with 5 huge challenging scenarios with loads of paths to explore new and exciting areas.

The charm of retro

In this version of the classic shooter, you’ll take on the role of Marco Rossi and Tarmicle Roving III, as well as Fio Germi and Eri Kasamoto (and volunteers) to once again kick the ass of General Morden who’s back at it with a bunch of aliens. You’ll fight with all kinds of weapons, animals, and robots against zombies, disgusting insects, terrorists, giant mollusks… Ride ostriches, elephants or camels, as well as different slugs: Mariner (submarine), Copter (helicopter), Slug Driller (drill), lv Rebel Armor (armor), and Astro Slug (spacecraft). Non-stop fun and violence.

Connect to Steam and complete the missions in cooperative mode with your friends.

There are five different missions with their respective final bosses and mini-games, a gallery of images to be unlocked, and three different game modes:

  • Arcade mode (main mission). Play from the beginning, exploring classic and new areas that have been refurbished for this version.
  • Mission mode. Choose the level you fancy the most, provided that you’ve previously unlocked it.
  • Online mission (collaborative online multiplayer mode). Connect to Steam to play with a friend or random user from anywhere around the world.

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