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Once more, Konami has released a new version of Pro Evolution Soccer with the intention of facing up to the almighty FIFA by EA Sports, although some people seem to think that this year it will be harder than ever. And that’s despite having won the Gane Critics Award as the best sports game in the recent E3 2019 but we don’t know if that will be enough to cut down the distance with FIFA 20.

But getting off to an early start, the guys at Konami have decided to anticipate to the release of their rival in the fight to become the best soccer game of the 19-20 season and have already published the demo of PES 2020 – Pro Evolution Soccer so that we can start dribbling with the excitement that we expect to live during the following months of competition.


What’s new in eFootball PES 2020

Like every year, the football game developed by Konami arrives full of new features to try to compete to be the best soccer video game of the year, which we can summarize as follows:

  • Playability: this year PES has received help from Andrés Iniesta when it came to developing and fine-tuning the players’ movements, which has led to much more realistic one-touch passing, dribbling, and shooting. That realism can also be seen in the possibility to make the most of the slightest mistake from our rivals to gain an advantage on the playing field.
  • Master League: one of the most popular game modes in PES has been renovated, the Master League. As always, you can become a total manager but this time around you can keep track of your progression by means of a new interactive dialog system, integrating real-life market data to make the game even more realistic.
  • New competitive modes: at Konami, they have put plenty of stress on the new PES competitive modes. On the one hand, the Matchday mode in which players from all over the world can join forces to help their team reach victory, scoring points for every positive action they carry out. On the other, the eFootball tournaments in which the best players all over the planet will take part.

Four game modes for the Pro 2020 demo

The previous features refer to the full version of this game and you’ll obviously only be able to see a glimpse of them in this demo of one of the best soccer games of the year. This demonstration version comes along with four different game modes to make the most of the title developed by Konami:

  • Local match: play offline against the game’s AI to put into practice all the tricks you’ve learned in previous years and in this season’s tutorial.
  • Cooperative: play with your friends without an Internet connection from the same PC to start practicing all the movements to be carried out during the season.
  • Quick match: play online against rivals from all over the world choosing between any of the 13 teams available in the demo.
  • Edit mode: start editing all the squads from the main leagues around the world to have them ready for the game’s official release date because you should remember that PES isn’t licensed for many teams so you’ll have to customize them yourself.


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