Plant Tycoon

If you’re a plant lover, but you cannot enjoy looking after them because you don’t have enough time, how about trying out Plant Tycoon, a game that has as an objective to look after your own garden/nursery and take care of the plants so that you can then sell them, so that you can then buy new seed and grow more exotic and strange plants.

The game takes place in real time, so if we leave the game abandoned for various days (even if the computer is turned off), we’ll probably find that some of the plants have died or are very weak. We will have more than 500 different types of plants, dozens of seeds with which to experiment, a collection of insects to capture and a game system that is suitable for any user.

In the graphic aspect, Plant Tycoon is as simple as it is attractive, because without great effects or designs it will fill our screen with color and life.

If you want to enjoy this brilliant title for an hour, download the demo of Plant Tycoon right now.

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