Spider-Man 3

The comic world has created many characters that are recognized all around the world. Marvel is one of the most important companies in this sense, and among the many superheroes that feature in the pages of their comics we can find Spider-Man. Check out the latest game he stars in: Spider-Man 3.

The plot

Peter Parker is a somewhat shy and withdrawn teen that gets bitten by a radioactive spider. Consequently, he acquires the powers of a spider that will help him fight evil in the city: impossible jumps, amazing agility, and the ability to launch cobwebs to hang from…

Jumping from one format to another

From comics, this hero went to videos, movies, TV series, merchandising and now video games. Spider-Man 3 puts you in the skin of this superhero once again, this time in one of the darkest stories to date, full of excitement, secrets, love, revenge…

Face the enemies of Spider-Man once again, Sandman and Venom. Step into the shoes of one of the most famous fictional superheroes from the Marvel factory. Download Spider-Man 3 Video for free, which lets you browse through the most stunning passages of this title.

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