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Webcam Toy is a streamlined and very easy to use photo editor that manages to take full advantage of your webcam hardware and transform the often low-res and poor looking images created by these small cameras into very presentable and fun looking photos that you can easily share online. To make the entire process of creating  final image as easy as possible, developers from Neave Interactive have created a simple procedure in which you only need to take a webcam snapshot of you, and then immediately get presented with a list of over 80 fun effects and visual filters (such as Retro, Soft Focus, Vintage, Watercolor, Glaze, Smoke and others) from which you can pick the best one. The selected picture will be offered for an immediate social network share, but of course, you can also download the final result to your local storage and use the image in any way you want.

The entire experience of using Webcam Toy is fast and intuitive and is perfect for users who don’t have much experience in handling modern photo-editing suites and knowing many details about photography and configuring cameras. The simple solution of snapping a picture and picking the desired end-result is appealing to both younger users and older novices who just want to create a fun-looking selfie that can be shared with their family, friends, classmates and social network friends in mere seconds.

This Chrome extension is available only in the English language, but because of the incredible simplicity of its use and the lack of deep customization options, it can be easily used without translation to any other language.

Installation and Use

Webcam Toy is one of the smallest Chrome extensions you can find on the Chrome Web Store, clocking in at just around 25 KB in size. This was made possible by it relying almost completely on the standalone Webcam Toy webapp page that is called upon whenever you click the camera icon that will land in your Chrome toolbar. The Chrome app does not have its own interface (a popup window or standalone floating window), but it serves the role of an ordinary bookmark. By clicking on it, Chrome browser will open a new tab and load a Webcam Toy webpage where you can start the procedure of creating a selfie, picking the desired effect, and choosing what to do with a final product (immediately share it on social network with built-in share links, or download it to your PC storage for later use).

Features and Highlights

  • One of the simplest and most streamlined ways for creating fun-looking selfies on PC.
  • Used by millions of people all around the world.
  • Take full advantage of your small PC webcam.
  • Apply over 80 visually appealing effects and filters.
  • Share the final image on popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr)
  • Save your fun photos to local storage.
  • No premium unlocks.
  • 100% FREE
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