TeamViewer is a program that helps you control remote computers

TeamViewer can be defined as a remote desktop program that offers users a very practical solution for remote computer control.

Completely free for personal and non-commercial use, TeamViewer helps you control your computer via mobile devices or other computers, basically when you’re not at your computer. The software runs over an Internet connection, bridging between two computers or a mobile device and a computer, making it possible to manage different computers as if you were controlling your own computer.

TeamViewer can be used in many different scenarios. You can terminate the file downloads you have left on your computer by following them from different devices via TeamViewer, or you can start new downloads. If a webcam is connected to your computer, you can monitor the image of this camera from other computers or mobile devices via TeamViewer, and turn your computer into a security camera. You can use TeamViewer to help users who have problems with their computers, correct their errors by accessing their computers, and provide software support.

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