Teen Patti

Here’s yet another revelation from the makers of the hugely popular Teen Patti series, with the entry of the hugely successful app: Teen Patti Gold for PC.

A new spin-off from the developers of the largest multi-player poker game ever!

There are yet more features, highlights and fun to be explored and had with Teen Patti Gold. In bringing together real players from all around the world, you’ll never have to wait for the opportunity to play a game in a multitude of different languages. Teen Patti Gold on PC makes the list of another fun gambling game with lots of rewards and plenty of challenges from expert and novice players everywhere. The game brings a new list of faces and characters to relate with, along with new poker tables that sets itself apart from the other games among the Teen Patti series. The popular series is constantly updated by its developers and surely enough, has many millions of downloads from the Google Play Store alone.

As ever, every new download of Teen Patti Gold gives the user an instant windfall of one million new chips that are entirely free. This gets you up and running immediately, by using your pile of chips at several different games against real, live players. The game itself is meant for an adult audience who can safely enjoy the aspect of social gambling. This is despite the quick, easy notion of daily winnings and rewards, sometimes up to a hundred thousand coins that are deposited as free chips into your account every day. These are rewards that you’re not likely to see with any other game and it must be said as a disclaimer that these rewards and coins do not pertain to any real money or prizes and is purely meant to have fun within the realms of social gambling.

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