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Netflix is a streaming service that lets you watch some of the most popular shows on your computer or mobile device. The list of content includes many blockbuster movies and original productions. You have unlimited access to this content for a monthly fee.

Stream movies and shows
Netflix provides one the most complete apps for Android. e. It comes with a simplified and easy to use interface. You have all the features of the website or the desktop version. You can also download new episodes and watch them later offline.

You’d find streaming on mobile much more convenient once you’ve started using this app. Having it in your pocket allows you to watch things on the go. There’s a neat feature that goes back a minute or so on an episode you’ve taken too long to resume. It’s automatic, so you won’t have to figure out how to turn it on.

The interface in this version has a lot of room for improvement. While you can still browse your titles with ease, the automatic preview is no longer possible. Another thing you might find annoying is that your movies are always in full screen. Rotating your phone won’t help, and it doesn’t have a vertical mode.

Netflix gives its members constant updates. Almost every week when you log in, you’ll see a new series or movie. All the latest episodes of shows you watch are pinned to the top to ensure you don’t miss it. Unlike Hulu, you will never run out of things to watch on this app. One downside to the content is that every month Netflix gets rid of about 50 shows and movies.

You need a stable connection to watch high-definition videos on Netflix, and the app consumes a huge amount of bandwidth. Try always to stream using wifi. Otherwise, it’ll use a good amount of data. Playback is smooth and reliable. You may experience a loss in quality if your connection stutters. This is not that bad since it keeps whatever you’re watching uninterrupted.

You can add any title to a personal list to watch it at a later time. Netflix also has an option for you to download them straight to your phone. Consider this alternative to streaming if you don’t have access to steady internet. You can have up to 100 videos on any device.

Download content to your device
The Netflix mobile app lets you stream, download movies, and create a “watch later” list. Every profile on your account has personalized suggestions and notifications. The constant flow of original content makes it a better choice than Hulu or HBO. Also, because of having too many titles, the UI ends up looking clogged and clunky. While it does require a reliable internet connection, the quality and variety in this streaming service is worth the price. As long as you have good wifi, you can stream hi-def videos all day.

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