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Browsec VPN is one of the most popular Chrome extensions used for enhancing productivity and browsing security. Built from the ground up using the latest encryption and data protection algorithms, Browsec VPN is a one-click solution for enabling your home PC or a mobile device to bypass various regional restrictions on the web, encrypt all your traffic and protect your data against unauthorized access by malicious online users, government agencies or unreliable websites. Compatible with all latest versions of Chrome, and also accessible with many Chromium browsers, Firefox, Opera and mobile OS, this free and streamlined browser extension can transform the way you access the content online.

Some of the most common uses for using Browsec VPN in your Chrome browser can be accessing content that is region blocked in your home region, unlocking large chunks of internet in countries that aggressively block websites and services outside of their borders, unlocking websites that were blocked by aggressive sysadmin on your work network, being able to always browse the web from one singular location (very useful feature for businesses and people who often travel), anonymous browsing, protecting sensitive data, and more.

Like many other security-focused solutions, It offers you the ability to browse the web by re-routing all of your upload and download streams via a secure virtual location that masks your real presence, fooling the target websites that you are actually browsing from a location that they approve off. All data flowing through the VPN is encrypted on the fly, preventing even your ISP from knowing what data is flowing in and out of your browser.

Browsec is 100% FREE for all users of Chromium browsers and other compatible browsers and portable devices, but it has some limitations that can be lifted with the purchase of the optional PREMIUM version. Free users get access to 4 servers located at the most popular VPN locations in the world (Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom, and the United States), with access speeds of 1 Mbps. Premium version unlocks access to 41 additional premium VPN locations, transfer speeds of up to 100 Mbps, and access to premium servers that will make your connection stable, reliable and secure.

Installation and Use

Like all other Chrome addons, It can be installed with a single mouse click and a little patience while this sub-5 megabyte mini-app is being loaded to your local storage and active browser session. Upon finishing the installation, Browsec icon will be added to the top of your browser, and its icon in grey or green will represent whether or not the VPN connection is activated.

Clicking on the Browsec VPN Icon will showcase a floating window with the country selector, VPN activation toggle, and a Settings button where you can manage a limited amount of configuration options including setting VPN rules for specific web pages or domains. Here you can also manage your premium account, which unlocks the ability to select many more VPN locations from all around the world.

Features and Highlights

  • Free, competitive, feature-full and streamlined VPN solution for all Chrome browser users.
  • Fully encrypted data transfer.
  • Gain privacy against data sniffers, ISP monitoring, government oversight, and malicious websites.
  • Anonymous browsing that masks your home location from the rest of the web.
  • Easy one-click installation.
  • Also available for Firefox and Opera browsers.
  • Standalone VPN apps offered for iOS and Android users.
  • Optional PREMIUM service that unlocks more VPN server locations and faster transfer speeds.
  • Shared premium license across all your devices.
  • 7-day Premium trial.
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