How to avoid online privacy leakage? Comodo Chromodo provides privacy enhancements with lightning speed. Comodo Chromodo is a free, feature-rich, secure, Chromodo-based web browser from Comodo (maker of the renowned Comodo Internet security software). It has the look and feel of Chrome but features several security and functionality improvements:

Built-in website scanner
If you’re suspicious about a website, Web Inspector allows you to scan any URL to find out if it hosts malware before you visit the site.

Detects and blocks ad trackers
Comodo’s PrivDog browser extension strengthens online privacy by automatically blocking advertising networks which are attempting to track your activity.

More secure default setting
The program ships with settings optimized for maximum security and privacy. “For example, we disabled and removed the automatic submission of usage statistics, disabled the search prediction service and disabled HTTP referrers”.

Private browsing
Incognito mode further improves privacy by preventing cookies from being stored during browsing sessions.

Better certificate handling
During HTTPS sessions, the tool address bar will clearly indicate the class of SSL certificate used by the website (Extended Validation, Organization Validation or Domain Validation).

Drag and drop browsing
Simply drag any text or image to the right of the browser to run an instant search on the item. Try it once and you’ll love it.

Fast account switching
Tired of other users changing your browser settings? With the tool, different users can quickly access their own bookmarks, themes and homepage with one click of the ‘change user’ tab. Suitable if multiple friends or family members use the same browser instance. Chromodo Free Download Latest Version for Windows PC. It is full offline setup installer of the app.

Share pages instantly
The app’s ‘Share Page’ button lets you share your discoveries on social media more conveniently than ever.

Built-in media downloader
One-click download of video and audio from YouTube, DailyMotion and other streaming media sites.

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