Padlet is an intuitive productivity tool that enables you and your friends to easily collect, arrange and share bookmarks and notes. While bookmark managers can be found in many shapes and forms, It is a unique creation that enables its users to also infuse a great measure of creativity and design into the procedure of content acquisition. This include creation of not only of ordinary bookmark lists (to-do lists, timelines, lesson plans, reminders, inspiration boards) but also visually stylish creations used for self-promotion, schoolwork, and work content (portfolios, real estate listings, timelines, collecting feedback, presentations, development notes, collaborative note-taking, and more).

Instead of dry and plain-looking bookmark listings, Padlet presents to users a blank canvas where they can place and organize collected web items (bookmarks, images, audio recordings, selfies, uploaded documents and many others), drag & drop them to the desired location, add your personalized notes, and make the entire canvas presentable and intuitive. The end-product will be a beautiful board, document or webpage that is ready for sharing.

This process of arranging the canvas does not need to be a solitary procedure. You can invite friends to help you populate the canvas, and when it is finished you can share them with friends, co-workers or anyone else. Because of its focus on collaboration and sharing, It has become a very useful tool for creating anything between short notes, bookmark lists, grocery shopping lists, to more school or professional presentations such as portfolios, business plans and more. It can be easily used by students, teachers, professionals and home users who want to better organize their collected online content, their thoughts, recommendations and ideas, and share those creations with other people.

Even if you are working on your Padlet alone, the mere amount of possibilities can unlock creativity in you.

Installation and Use

Padlet for Chrome comes in an app package that is truly minimal in size, which will serve as an intermediary between your browser and Padlet web app that is accessible from any browser.

It is important to note that Padlet for Windows PC is not a browser extension that is accessible via browser toolbar (you can find Padlet Mini for that), but a Chrome App that will be added to the list of your browser apps. You can click on the Chrome App icon or enter “chrome://apps/” destination in your address bar, and access Padlet app from there, click on its icon and easily add new online resources to your canvases, manage the position of items on canvases, add contributors or share.

Creation of new canvases is easy, and Padlet developers promote the use of four simple steps – picking of a base style or template, inviting of other people that can help you in real-time with comments and content, posting and arranging of content, and finally sharing of the app with your colleagues, friends or family.

Features and Highlights

  • Visual-focused bookmark and content manager.
  • Create canvases with interconnected notes, bookmarks, images, audio recordings, and more.
  • Invite friends, family members or co-workers to help you in real-time in the creation of canvases.
  • Used by over 5 million people all around the world.
  • Optimize canvases to be boards, documents or web pages used for fun, work documents or webpages.
  • 100% FREE!
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