Are you looking for more than just a simple browser for surfing the internet? If so, then you’ll want to try the SalamWeb Browser software package. It provides users with a variety of tools and abilities, such as secure online browsing, accessing dedicated chat discussions and newsfeeds, and several other helpful tools. The great thing is that you can utilize all these tools together in one location. Then you can increase your efficiency and productivity in order to handle more external tasks.

Simple User Interface with Easily Accessible Buttons

SalamWeb has a browser design that is like the designs of many Chromium-powered web browsers. You’ll get a side-ribbon with easily accessible buttons to activate important features and tools, such as browsing history and settings.

There are so many functions built into this web browser, such as a side-widget with the latest weather reports, traffic information, and charity movement data. A single click of the mouse will give you this information.

Site-Checker Tool Offers Secure Browsing

Out of all the components offered by this browser, its dedicated security component is the best. SalamWeb gives you details about the websites you’re visiting, such as their ranking, reputation, and security certificates. Because of its ability to keep you safe, additional security add-ons are not necessary.

Are you religious and need to schedule some prayer time? If so, then you’ll want to use a prayer timer feature that comes with the program. It gives users a pop-up message which lets them know when a certain amount of time has gone by. This feature is specifically geared toward Muslim users.


This is an “all-in-one” browser that provides online navigational abilities and features, as well as other less important features too.

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